• Image of Mugwort & Moonstone Dream Oil

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My favourite project in a sweet little bottle. For the dream workers and diviners, calling on artemis & lunar wisdom. This oil is best applied before meditation and sleep. It helps cultivate a connection to our intuition, amplifies the vividity and recurrence of dreams, and provides protection to explore the depths of our inner and outer realms.

Mugwort is antispasmodic and can be applied to the abdomen to soothe menstrual cramping. Moonstone is a stone of the high priestess, it facilities connection to this archetype. It brings us in tune with lunar cycles, softening the tides and our emotional life to the ever-changing nature of existence.

Massage on the temples, forehead, wrists and skin before sleep or meditation. Its sweet, herbaceous scent also works as a beautiful and protective perfume.

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