• Image of Winter Incense Crafting Workshop-Friday Dec 15th or Dec 16th

Join folk herbalist and farmer Marae Dalgas in a hands-on candle lit evening exploring the medicine of plant smoke and methods of hand rolling incense cones. We will be working with locally grown herbs, resins, berries, bee propolis and honey.

We will be exploring:
-Smoke clearing practices rooted in Slavic, Scandinavian and Celtic traditions. These are my ancestral lines but we will also be discussing other traditional use and the issues of appropriation of Native American smudging practices and sacred plant medicines.
-The medicinal and psychospiritual properties of plant smoke
-Blending, shaping and drying methods
-Astrological rulership of plants and incense blends as tools of devotion and prayer

This workshop is limited to 10 spaces to keep it intimate and focused.
Two dates available:
Friday Dec 15th
Saturday Dec 16th
Location: Canmore, AB

Cost: $35, includes ingredients and instruction to create your own custom blend + gift packaging, a small recipe zine.
You can also register via e-transfer to [email protected]
Thank you :)